A solid foundation forms the backbone of a resilient network that can grow with your business. Alignment of technology with business focus and direction can only be achieved with the delicate integration of network solution and business' requirements.

At Aphesys, we look beyond providing network infrastructure as a bridge to form connectivity in between servers, network equipments and devices. Adopting a holistic view of the entire Information Technology entity, critical factors such as projection of future expansion, functionalities enhancement and support, application deployment and implementation, performance analysis, and impact on IT operation are factored in our design methodology.

Our areas of expertise in network infrastructure encompass three main fields:

1. LAN (Local Area Network)
2. WAN (Wide Area Network)
3. MAN (Metropolitan Area Network)
These basic building blocks of IT infrastructure consist of:
i) Structured Cabling Systems
  We have a well-trained and experienced design and installation team who are proficient in the design and implementation of structured cabling systems be it UTP, FTP, coaxial or fiber optics from renowned market leaders such as AMP, Lucent and 3M.
To maintain the best quality of works we insists on using our in house team instead of contracting the job outside.
We take pride in our workmanship, on schedule project completion and reliability in our work through stringent quality assurance initiatives.
ii) Racks and System Furniture
  No longer merely viewed as providing storage areas for system equipments, racks and system furniture playe an increasingly crucial roles in,
- Physical security to system equipment to prevent unauthorized access.
  This is mandatory for security audits.
- Ensure proper environment for the operation of system equipments such as temperature, ventilation and power requirement.Facilitate cable access and management to system equipments
- Aesthetic and ergonomic flair to blend and enhance the overall design of data centre
  We represent world class racks from HP, IBM and Wrightline series of "flexible" system furniture as well as third party industry standard racks which can be customized to your expectation of performance/price ratio.
iii) Switches and Routers
  Our wealth of experience in networking since the days of Token Ring and FDDI has given us immeasurable understanding of the application of various networking technologies to bring great values to our customers not only from technical point of view but from the view of IT as a part of business synergy.
- Token Ring, FDDI, Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, ATM, rame Relay
- Layer 2 to Layer 7 switches (Content switching)
- Routers
  Aphesys works very closely with market leaders in the networking world namely: 3com, Nortel Networks, Cisco, HP, Dlink, Linksys to keep abreast of technology advancements to be able to offer customers quality products with unprecedented values.
iv) Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  The reliability of networking services is as good as its power source. Unplanned frequent power outage may result in severe interruptions to critical IT operation.
We offer an end to end service for your network power system needs in your data center ranging from designing and installation of isolators, distribution box, protection circuit breakers, relays, electrical wiring and circuits to interoperate seamlessly with single phase or three phase UPS.
Our UPS portfolio ranges from low-end models for workstations to high capacity models deployed to power up an entire data center. Highly acclaimed UPSes from APC, MGE and Liebert are available from Aphesys.
v) Data Center Design and Construction

One stop turnkey solution for complete data center services provided by Aphesys offer the following benefits to our valued customers like you:
Single point of contact. This reduces coordination work and thus erroneous communications.

- Cohesive integration plan for all data center services ensure smooth project implementation
- More attractive pricing for customers as various services may be arranged upon customers' requests as a single packaged project
- Consistency in the quality of delivered services is preserved
  Our range of data center services comprises :
- Partitioning
- Raised Floors
- Air-conditioning
- Electrical Supplies and Protection
- Fire Protection