As a customer centric organization, we focus on creating value added solution to our customers rather than the technologies, which enabled them. It is our belief that, through tested and proven methodologies perfected by our consultants, only the best of breed solution from each principal is integrated to produce a high performance yet cost effective solution which meets all your needs.

We have adopted stringent measures in the selection of the best-fit components in our value proposition to you. Products are chosen not based on their individual merits but how well they complement with one another. The synergy of these individual components is cultivated and greatly enhanced as a whole, which is reflected in our design philosophy which stress on delivering the RIGHT solution for the RIGHT needs.

We take pride in our team who spend extensive resources in product evaluation, market research, testing and training, ranging from bleeding-edge technology, such as content switching to the latest VoIP offerings, to ensure the optimum solution to every client requirements.

Area of Specialization

An established player in the IT industry, Aphesys has accumulated years of experience in providing superior solution and working hand in hand with corporations to roll out numerous successful IT projects. Our group of consultants and IT specialists are well regarded in the industry with in-depth knowledge and expertise in various IT technologies.

Our end-to-end solution portfolio comprises the following but not limited to:

Wireless Solution
Remote Access Solution
Voice Solution
Internet / Intranet Solution
Storage and Backup Solution