The dotcom mania has, to a certain degree benefited the entire IT industry as billions of dollars has been injected in improving Internet infrastructure as well as its applications and services. As a result, there is a dramatic increase in Internet bandwidth and reliability but with drastic decline in the overall cost to be online.

Nowadays, corporate are more comfortable in establishing their presence in the Internet, be it a web site or messaging. As a matter of fact more companies are conducting their businesses over Internet, taking the form as B2C, B2B or both. The innovations pioneered during the Internet age have found its way into corporate's internal network taking the form as Intranet which serves as a portal to a myriad of services and applications, thus diminishing the need for multiple clients. In essence, it has evolved into a more realistic business investment.


However to be successful online be it Internet/Intranet, there are several challenges which need to be addressed:

Performance :
The online application or services provided must offer acceptable level of response time consistently.
Reliability :
The online application or services provided must be always available in a predictable manner.
Security :
The integrity and confidentiality of the application or services provided must never be compromised. Access is only granted to authorized personnel and activities are logged accordingly.
Scalability :
The online application or services provided must be able to adapt to different level of capacity without major modification to the existing infrastructure.
  Aphesys empowers you with the right tools to gain competitive advantage in leveraging Internet as a catalyst to the improvement in productivity, efficiency, cost-savings, market reach and global image by overcoming the above challenges

Our services portfolio includes
- Firewall ( Checkpoint, Watchguard, Gauntlet Cisco PIX, Symantec)
- Intrusion Detection Solution
- AAA (Authentication, Authorization and Accounting) Solution
- Two factor authentication solution (RSA SecurID)
- Load Balancers
- SSL Accelerators, Hardware-based Encryptors/Decryptors
- Security Audit
- Penetration test
- Proxy Solution
- Content Management Solution
- PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) Solution
- Media Streaming Solution
- Broadband Solution