Remote Access  

Globalization has given birth to a new breed of workers: global trotters who travel extensively around the world to conduct business trips, meetings, short-term assignment, training or even making presentation to client.

These road warriors require constant access to corporate network services such as e-mail,Intranet or in-house business applications remotely in a cost effective, easy to use, reliable, fast but secure manner.

Aphesys possess vast experience in deploying remote access solution to thousands of users over the years based on award-winning products from market leaders such as Cisco, 3com, Intel, Nortel, Netscreen, Watchguard, Nokia, SonicWall, Symantec, NAI and Citrix

Our remote access offerings are based on the following technologies and can be customized to your needs:

  Direct Dial via analog, ISDN BRI or ISDN PRI
Ability to dial directly to your network for remote access via Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).
  Virtual Private Network
Leverage on existing Internet infrastructure to extend your desktop-bound network services and applications to remote users outside your organization based on standard-based VPN technologies.
  Browser-based Remote Access (Clientless)
Enhanced Internet browser to provide remote access capability without the need to deploy special clients required for VPN. Offer SSL encryption for added protection