The convergence of voice and data network has long been hailed as the holy grail of network convergence.
Traditional voice solutions such as key-phone system or PABX are distinct and need to be managed separately from data network, hence increase the support and maintenance overhead. However with the advent and maturity of Voice Over IP solution, one can integrate both data and voice network into a single platform offering the following benefits,

As VoIP solution leverage on your existing data network, tremendous cost saving can be realized through
- only one cabling infrastructure is required for both data and voice
  This is mandatory for security audits.
- less headcount required to support and maintain both data and voice as VoIP technology share much similarity with data solution. Hence a person who is trained in data is able to manage VoIP easily
- lower cost for international calls with remote offices as voice traffic can be routed through existing data links such as frame relays or lease-lines
For example, as both voice and data share the same network infrastructure, one can easily move a telephone extension to a new location without the need to reprogram the voice system..
Unlike traditional PABX, VoIP solutions are based on modular architecture which can scale cost effectively as your company grows.
Most phone features in VoIP are software enhancement, which are improved from time to time. Software or firmware updates can be easily applied to VoIP devices, thus ìupgradingî them with new features and capability
VoIP solution can be integrated with corporate e-mail system, application or Intranet to offer true Unified Messaging Solution.
For example, you could pull out a client contact details from Outlook and make a call from your PC without a phone and at the same update call detail records to your CRM application for sales tracking.
Aphesys represent leading VoIP vendors such as 3Com, Cisco and Avaya.