Pervasive computing becomes a reality in recent years with the explosive growth of wireless networking. The ability to access information anywhere, anytime has empowered users to react swiftly to ever and fast changing market condition and challenges.

Evolution of wireless networking in Local Area Network especially with the widespread adoption of 802.11x standards by manufacturers has been at a breakneck pace.
The emergence of wireless roaming capability is no longer restricted to within the office. Hotspots at public areas such as airport, libraries, hotels and shopping centres depend heavily on wireless technology to deliver hassle free Internet access at a very competitive rate.

Customers will be surprised by the numerous benefits offered by wireless deployment:

Extend the reach of the existing wired network without re-cabling especially hard to wire areas such as public areas and warehouse
Increased in workforce's productivity as information and network services are always available
- Flexibility and responsiveness to adapt IT infrastructure to changing business's needs
- Wireless service for hotspots offer new service revenues for operators or ISPs.
In the Wide Area Network arena, wireless technology such as Free Space Fiber is becoming more popular replacing traditional connectivity option such as leased line for medium distance communication ( less than 4 km ). With high accuracy, near-perfect immunity to weather effects, high data rates ( up to Gigabit), ease of use and deployment, zero monthly recurrence cost hence tremendous cost savings in the long run and low maintenance cost, wireless technology in WAN is a very attractive mature technology for end users.
Wireless security has always been a concern associated with the risk of deployment. Customer is apprehensive in adopting this technology arising from fear of unauthorized network access, eavesdropping and lack of policy control. Aphesys has a whole range of wireless security suites which offer iron-clad protection for your wireless network :
- AAA ( Authentication, Authorization and Accounting ) solution for wireless network
- Encryption software/hardware solution for wireless network
- Intrusion Detection solution for wireless network
- Wireless LAN/WAN analyzers
Aphesys has been actively involved in wireless technology integration project since the advent of this technology. We have designed and implemented wireless solution for MNCs and many clienteles. We offer total wireless solution including site survey, network cabling, access points and power circuit installation. A proven wireless deployment plan refined through our years of experience ensure a right balance is struck in between network performance and coverage with your investment.
We represented major wireless players in the market : Cisco, Intel, Avaya, 3com, Dlink and Linksys to name a few.